Red Hog

Red Hog comes to you from the Hog Master stable,which combines the smoothness of the finest herbal Liqueur (complete with a higher strength - 50% alcohol by volume)and an energized infusion which comprises caffeine, guarana and ginseng to deliver a wickedly desirable shooter.
Now available in 750ml bottles as well as 50ml tubes.  277

Hog Master

Hog Master is a herbal Liqueur that is locally blended from only the finest triple distilled spirit and a secret recipe of herbs andspices at 35% alcohol.
An activated charcoal treatment and mellowing process provides for the smoothest of tastes and well balanced profiles, ensuring drinking pleasure as a shooter or on crushed ice - always ice cold!
Hog Master has won the Silver Medal in the WSWA Tasting Competition and is exported to the USA.  278  279

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